ZENKNIFE will open on 10th, July 2021!

ZENKNIFE will open on 10th, July 2021!

Japanese Knife Shop "ZENKNIFE" Grand Opening 

Hi everyone, This is Aki from ZenKnife. 
Our online shop "Zen Knife" will newly open on 10th July 2021! 

What Is ZenKnife Going To Sell? 

We specialize in Japanese kitchen knives especially handmade ones. 
Japanese-knife craftsmen have strong passion in creating their knives. 
Their passion and their works are always very impressive.
We would like to tell the world the Japanese craftsmanship also known as Kodawari(こだわり)through this online shop. 


We decided to distribute this opening sale coupon.
All of our items are 10% off the normal prices. 

Don't miss this opportunity.