Indigo Knife

 【Important Info】
Leading time : 10 business days to ship out the item
Name graving : 1200 yen
Gift wrapping : 600 yen

【Authentic handle with Indigo dye】 

The material of Cypress is hard to damage even when used in a watery environment. Then, the timber is dyed with indigo, which contains antibacterial, anti-deodorant and insect repellent properties. It helps to maintain the hygienic condition of knives used in the kitchen, where germs can easily breed.

The knife comes with a scabbard dyed in indigo. It looks cool and presentable. The handle has a perfect combination of functionality and design, with a gradation that becomes beautifully paler towards the end. 


【Bespoke blade】

  • World class blade from Osaka/Sakai 
  • Sakai Blade boasts a high standard of comfort made by the best steel with the most advanced technology in Japan.
  • Absolute sharpness of the blade made by skilled craftsmen
  • Blades processed by artisan with Japan tradition

We have different kinds of Indigo Knives below.

Gyuto Santoku  Petty
Yanagiba Deba Funayuki
Sujihiki Nakiri Usuba