Washindo's Kiwami Series

The Sharpest and Easiest Knife

What is Kiwami ? 

Everybody can use the knife

We design our knives based on the easiness to use the knife. 

We seek the sharpest knife

We strongly believe that the most important thing for knives is the sharpness. The knife that can cut well reduce the burden on your wrist.

We provide handcrafted knife only

Handcrafted knives have a soul.  Those knives can indentify you as a chef even if you just cook at home.

One of our goals is to make you like cooking.

Our story

We had first Japanese kitchen knives in Kappabashi, Tokyo.  Kitchen knives are not something most people care about a lot. But We were truly facinated by Japanese blacksmith's skills and passion for making the best kitchen knife in the world. We hopefully can help tell the world about Japanese handcrafted Knives.

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