【Kannagi(寒凪)】Gyuto, Blue Steel No,2, 21cm, Go Yoshizawa

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Brand : Kannagi (寒凪
Blacksmith : Go Yoshizawa
Knife Type:Gyuto
Steep Type:Blue Steel No,2
Blade length:21cm(8.26inch)
Blade Type : Double edged
Handle Material:Laminated plywood
The place of production:Japan (Aomori)

【What is Gyuto knife?】
Gyuto was introduced by Westerners along with the meat-eating culture in the mid 1900s, while Japanese tribes were rice & fish eaters. The width of the blade is narrower than the Santoku knife, and it was designed for cutting meat. It is widely used by those who often cut large pieces of food. It is slimmer and looks stylish than Santoku. It is the 2nd most popular knife after Santoku in Japan.

【 Blue Steel (Blue Paper Steel)】
Blue paper steel is one of the most expensive steel for making Japanese knives. 
The biggest characteristic of blue steel is that the excellence at edge retention and sharpness. 

【Who is Go Yoshizawa?】
He is a promising young blacksmith and 8th generation of Nigara Hamono Danzojo (Authentic manufacture of Tsugaruuchi blade).
In 2007, Nigara Hamono Dannzojo has 350 years of its history and its Tsugaruuchi blade is registered as a traditional craft in Aomori prefecture.
Go Yoshizawa is the one of the few who can forge and temper the Tsugaruuchi blade.

・Waterproof coating might be peeled off by a deep sense of shock.
Cutting very hard  or frozen stuff might cause the nick in the blade
Do not burn the blade with fire.
Do not wash this with dishwasher
Try to dry the blade after washing it each time. 
・You cannot put your name on this branded knife. 

【Shipping and delivery】
We usually create the knife after receiving the order. So it usually takes one week to prepare.  The estimated delivery date depends on where you live.