Kurouchisantoku,18cm(7.08inch), Indigo knife

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Knife Type:Santoku
Steep Type:White Steel/ Blue Steel (Kurouchi finish)
Blade length:18cm(7.08inch)
Handle Material:Cypress(Hinoki)
Handle Coating:Indigo Dye + Waterproof coating
The place of production:Japan(Blade and Assembling : Oosaka, Handle : Tokushima)

【What is Santoku knife?】
Santoku kitchen knife is widely used at home in Japan. It can be used for meat, fish and veggies, so it is called a universal knife. The blade is wider than a petty or Gyuto because it is designed to be able to cut through larger vegetables such as cabbage, ensuring that the blade stays inside and cuts through to the end.It is the best choice for the first knife or the replacement.

【Kurouchi finish】
About Kuro-uchi (Black hammering )finish It can have blackened surface by quenching, then the blackened blade part is shaved off, but still leaving the sides black. It has no elegance of a polished finish, actually it has a bumpy, rugged look to it, yet the advantage of being less prone to rust than a polished finish is remarkable.

【What is Indigo Knife ?】
Indigo Knife is the combination of Sakai blade and Indigo dyed handle.
Indigo dye has odor eliminating and antibacterial effects well.
So if you are looking for a life-time knife. This is one of the best.

・Waterproof coating might be peeled off by a deep sense of shock.
Cutting very hard  or frozen stuff might cause the nick in the blade
Do not burn the blade with fire.
Do not wash this with dishwasher
Try to dry the blade after washing it each time. 

【Shipping and delivery】
We usually create the knife after receiving the order. So it usually takes one week to prepare.  The estimated delivery date depends on where you live.