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Traditional Japanese hand-made kitchen knives
Do not forget the heart of knife making

Kitchen knife made by Kiwami

Since the early Showa period when the Tsukiji Market opened, For the chefs who go there and the fish professionals who work there Providing “cutting knives” and “easy-to-use knives” I came here with care. The true value of a kitchen knife is questioned only after it is used. It has been nurtured by many customers and has reached the present. It is important to take responsibility after the sale, We are also focusing on after-sales service, Behind the scenes in Japanese food culture could have contributed. Even if I change what should be changed, In an era when things that don't change are precious We will continue to do our best to fulfill that responsibility.


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Even if it is a small amount of work, we spare no effort for the sake of deliciousness. The deep world of Chinese cuisine spreads out, including appetizers, main dishes, dim sum, and desserts that make the most of the delicate ingredients.
Since its founding in 1949, it has been known as Jumbo Gyoza. Homemade juicy pan-fried gyoza dumplings are popular

Taikoro Yaesu Main Store

A long-established izakaya established in 1949. There are 20 brands of shochu, including Mori Izo, Maou, and Isami, and more than 20 brands of Japanese sake. There are 40 dishes such as sashimi, grilled food, fried food, and 15 recommended dishes of the day.

Kansai Instant Single Dish Takoyasu

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ZENKNIFE will open on 10th, July 2021!

Radiant In Every Stroke

Radiant In Every Stroke

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