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A special blade for life.

Its exceptional steel, forged with the spirit of the craftsmen, bestows superlative rigidity and toughness upon the knife. Thus, the cutting-edge kitchen knife with one-of-a-kind sharpness and beauty had been delivered, so we could enjoy the essential taste of our meals.
Knife making

Kiwami kitchen knives

The skills of making this highest-grade stainless steel have been cultivated over many years while pursuing its supreme sharpness and longevity. The purest Japanese stainless steel used as the main raw material is the foundation of the blade’s superb quality. The Edo period sharpening technique (edotogi, or edo-sharpening) that has been passed down since Japan’s samurai era, is also utilized to enhance the cutting ability of the blade. Thus, the craftsmen put their very best effort and hearts to create each, and every single kitchen knife of this series.




Help our customers find their best cooking partner

When you try to find the best knife, there are so many things to consider. What you cut, your kitchen space, whether you like sharpening or not and so on. We would love to listen to your situation and help you find your best knife.

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Customer's Voice

Kiwami has a wide variety of knives but they let me try out some of their knives at their shop. I bought a gyuto knife and I am very happy to use it every day.


It is not easy to choose a knife but this website has detail information about the knife. And I feel safe using this website because this shop has physical stores in kappabashi.


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